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A dynamic website is a type of website that uses server-side scripting to generate and display web pages on the fly, based on user interactions and/or database information. These types of websites are different from static websites, which are written in HTML and CSS and have fixed content that is delivered to the user’s browser as it is.
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A dynamic website is a website that can display different content or change its functionality based on user input or other conditions. These types of websites are built using server-side programming languages, such as PHP, Ruby, or Python and databases, and use server-side scripts to generate content, which is then sent to the browser.

Dynamic websites are more complex than static websites and require more technical knowledge and skills to create and maintain. They often require a web developer or a team of developers to work on the website’s functionality and design. Examples of dynamic websites include e-commerce websites, social media websites, and websites that display user-generated content.

Some of the key features of dynamic websites are that they are interactive and responsive, they can provide personalized content to users, they can be easily updated and maintained, and they can handle a large amount of data and traffic.


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